The HSOTF Hangar

Hello, all. This is the official hangar for Helldiver Squadron Offensive Tactical Force.  Here you will find original aircraft designed for the FlightGear flight simulator, published under the GNU License. Liveries for such aircraft and other custom built systems for FlightGear are also here. Files are here for download; usually the downloaded file is located inside of a ZIP (.zip) file, which WinRAR, 7Zip, and PeaZip can open.

Please note that while most files are available for download publicly, there are specific files which are password protected, which means that the download can only be accessed through HSOTF; for HSOTF participants only. The password is available with verification of HSOTF ties. If you are interested in joining the Force, please visit us at: HelldiverSquadron.

Thank you all, and please enjoy the array of Hangar downloads we have for you.



About Us: Here

Liveries—PUBLIC: Here

Models—PUBLIC: Here

Aircraft—PUBLIC: Here


AI Scenarios—PUBLIC: Here

Subsystems: Here <—here you will find the Bombable addon, which is necessary to use any of our systems or aircraft. Follow installation instructions in the ZIP file.

Liveries, Models, Aircraft, XML, and Training AI Scenarios—HSOTF ONLY: Here


Backup Bombable Download: Here.


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